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    Workers Rights are Civil Rights. If your rights on the job have been violated, Guha Law has the expertise and dedication to make the law work for you!

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    Guha Law is passionate about advocating for Workers Rights and has the experience and determination to work for you.

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    California law offers employees perhaps the most powerful workplace legal protections of any state in the nation. Whether you are an employee in a corporate office, restaurant, or industrial facility, if your rights under state or Federal have been violated, Guha Law will move fast, and fight hard to get you the best result possible.



You went to work to make a living and to provide for those who depend on you. You thought that if you kept your head down and worked hard, your employer would treat you with dignity and pay you what you earned.

Unfortunately, too many workplaces today seem to operate under a different set of rules.

If you believe you've been mistreated on the job, you need to know your rights before you can decide what to do. Please schedule a free consultation today, so we can discuss your potential claims and determine the best way forward for you and yours.

It's never easy to bring legal action against a current or former employer. That's why we pride ourselves on doing everything in our power to minimize your stress while we aggressively assert your claims. We know from experience that the only thing worse than waiting on the courts is waiting for your attorney to return your call when you have a question. With Guha Law in your corner, you'll be able to rest just a little easier knowing that your attorney will always be just a text, phone call, or email away.

Please don't let fear of cost keep you from fighting for what you deserve. There's no cost to discuss your potential claims with us, and the firm accepts many clients on a contingency basis. 

Don't let your claims expire! Schedule a free consultation today to see how Guha Law can help make the law work for you! 

Workers Rights are Civil Rights

The Guha Law Firm is a Workers Rights litigation practice. We apply an aggressive, efficient model of representation while ensuring that our clients' stress is kept to a minimum. Please schedule a consultation today - together, we'll determine the right choice for you and those who depend on you.