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How Prevalent Is Discrimination in The Workplace?

Guha Law June 28, 2021

Although you might think that discrimination in California workplaces in the 21st century doesn’t happen, sadly, the opposite is true. More and more employees, especially younger ones who make up Gen-Z, are experiencing these types of problems in their places of employment.

How Many People Are Experiencing Workplace Discrimination?

According to a survey performed by Ten Spot, work discrimination is happening even more than ever before. A shocking 70 percent of people who participated in the survey reported that they have experienced discrimination or some type of abusive behavior in the workplace. The numbers are especially high, 86 percent, for Gen-Z employees.

Ten Spot’s chief brand officer stated that things should be improving with each generation, but sadly, the opposite seems to be happening. Additionally, 61 percent of Gen-Z workers stated that the work discrimination they have experienced has hindered their productivity and engagement on the job. They also lamented that their companies should be more actively involved in addressing the issue.

How Are Gen-Z Workers Responding?

Members of Gen-Z have been dubbed the generation with their eyes wide open as a result of their attention to bigger issues affecting the world. As a result, it’s believed that these employees will have a greater influence on the policies in their places of employment and push for better relationships and transparency. Ten Spot’s CBO also stated that he believes these workers will push for big changes in the workplace, such as becoming more independent and working outside of the traditional 9–5 shift. Gen-Z employees who responded to the survey were highly likely to claim their workplace culture was toxic, boring or depressing.