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Workplace Discrimination Happens a Lot

Guha Law March 16, 2022

Anyone who believes discrimination doesn’t happen in the workplace isn’t looking at modern statistics. While not likely as overt today as previous generations, California workplaces suffer from instances of troubling bias and harassment. Lawsuits filed show how pervasive things are. Some might feel shocked at how widespread bias is.

Bias and Discrimination in The Workplace

Several entities conduct research and polls to compile statistics about discrimination. The online resource Glassdoor performed a study revealing 61% of respondents experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination, an alarming figure. Such discriminatory practices may center on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and more.

No form of discrimination should be tolerated in the workplace. Unfortunately, some corporate cultures allow such behavior to persist. High-profile cases of sexual harassment indicate many companies look the other way at inappropriate behavior.

The current trend towards working remotely would appear to mitigate some instances of discrimination. At least that’s the perception some have, but statistics reveal remote work does not put an end to discriminatory behavior. Once again, when certain behaviors persist, they likely continue until legal action curtails things.

Taking Action Against Discrimination

Not everyone takes action against workplace discrimination. Some might attempt to assure themselves the problem is not a “big deal,” or may wish to avoid “making waves.” A worker may believe even egregious examples of discrimination are not worth addressing. Such an attitude could have a terrible effect on an employee. Besides suffering from undue stress, the employee might find him or herself denied promotions, accepting lower pay, or worse.

Victims of discrimination could address their grievances under state and federal statutes. One method is to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing.