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You May Be Eligible for Paid Family Leave (PFL)

Guha Law Dec. 7, 2021

Residents and families of Orange and other nearby areas of California may want to know more about Paid Family Leave, called PFL. You may be eligible for this benefit if you need to take time off from work for family leave. This program covers lost wages.

According to California’s Employment Development Department (EED), citizen and immigration status do not affect your eligibility. You must be unable to do your customary or regular work to qualify for PFL.

You Must Have Lost Wages

There may be a situation where you need to do the following:
• Care for a seriously ill family member
• Bond with a new child
• Participate in a certain event regarding a family military deployment to a foreign country

You must have a job or are actively looking for a job when your PFL begins.

State Disability Insurance Qualification

You must have earned at least $300 from which State Disability Insurance (SDI) deductions. This was withheld during your base period.

Timely Submission of Your Claim

You must complete and submit your claim no earlier than the first day your family leave begins. Submission can be no later than 41 days after that leave begins. If it is not, you may lose your paid family leave (PFL) benefits.

If You Have a Seriously Ill Family Member

You must submit a medical certificate regarding a seriously ill family member. This can be with the help of a nurse practitioner but must be in regard to a physical exam done by a physician or surgeon. An accredited religious practitioner may also qualify.

Your Employer Will Receive Notification

Your boss or company will receive a notification. However, your medical information will be confidential. The department will not share information regarding any medical condition.

PFL benefits may help you during the time of taking off from work. However, submission of your claim must be timely, and you must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify for these benefits.